Varazdin City Sports Hall

The Varazdin City Sports Hall serves as an urban generator for the new part of the city near the industrial zone.

However, it is located in an almost pristine forest to be preserved as such in later exploitation. It is expected that the future use of the sports hall will greatly depend on the people of Varazdin accepting it as a part of their city. Even the call for tenders focused on multifunctional uses that would allow the site to come to life as an urban location.

The designers also envisaged other urban elements near the structure for the inhabitants of the city to use in their leisure time. The sports hall structure was similarly designed – to allow visual contact with nature and additionally emphasise the bond between the river and the forest.

Commercial facilities have been situated along the promenade - and along the river course, in the direction of the embankment or the channel. The facilities have been spread thinly to allow for a view from the indoor hall that covers the entire width of the structure, parallel with the outside promenade.

An encircling pathway around the halls has also been introduced, situated vertically in relation to the entrance hall.

The hall's base was designed as a concrete structure; the first floor is made of glass, and the upper part as a compact closed volume with light apertures. The tendency was to introduce lighter colours so that the reflected daylight and sunlight would reach deeper parts of the forest, making the sports hall a part of the future urban tissue.


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