Arena Zagreb

Arena Zagreb is the largest sports hall in Croatia. It was built in 2008, for the purpose of hosting the Handball World Championship 2009.

Due to its capacity, multi-functionality and technical equipment, Arena Zagreb has become an invaluable asset not only to Zagreb and its surrounding regions, but to all of Croatia.

Since its opening in 2009, Arena Zagreb's event calendar has quickly been filled with scheduled concerts of world-renowned musicians.

Construction of Arena Zagreb began on 21st of July 2007, and lasted for 503 days. The first event that took place in the newly built arena was a friendly handball game between Croatia and Russia on 27 December 2008. 15,200 spectators were there to see the Croatian side triumph over their Russian opponents.

The official opening of Arena Zagreb occurred on 17 January 2009. The opening was accompanied by a spectacular concert led by the well-known Croatian rock group, Prljavo Kazalište, in front of 22,500 spectators.

Architecture and multifunctionality

Arena Zagreb is located in the south-western part of Zagreb, Croatia.

Shaped as an oval white bowl, Arena Zagreb has 86 large pre-stressed, pre-fabricated concrete curved columns form the main façade, mutually connected by illuminate semi-translucent polycarbonate envelope from which various light effects are achieved. The additional benefit of such system is saving the volume of air that should be conditioned within the court bowl.

Multi-functionality is achieved by the flexibility of the grandstand with its lower rows of retractable seats and curtain partitions, allowing the possibility of dividing the whole building into smaller mutually independent zones, thus covering the needs of all types of users and events.

The complex also preserves sufficient spaces reserved for performers and event managers as well as providing the fluid circulation of visitors from the entering points to their seats on the stand.

One of the added values of Arena Zagreb is its contribution to the urbanity and development of a neglected and undeveloped city area.

It became a magnet and a development trigger for the whole region. Prior to this, the area was an undeveloped city district with few low budget social residential buildings and uncultivated fields.

As a result, Arena Zagreb has become the highlight point of the newly planned shopping / entertainment complex surrounded by residential zones.

The sheer size of Arena Zagreb makes it an unmistakable part of Zagreb´s visual identity.


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