EHF Media Management

The EHF Media Management team is responsible for overseeing the media management of the event, working in close cooperation with the organising committee.

The EHF Media Manager is responsible for overseeing all media matters. The  Media Supervisor's role is to oversee the media operations during the EHF EURO and ensure correct implementation of media procedures at the respective venue.

Media Coordination

JJ Rowland
Email: Opens window for sending emailrowland(at)eurohandball(dot)com
Phone: +45 31 26 23 14

Media Supervisors

Benedikt Anderes
Venues: Debrecen, Budapest
Phone: +36 20 771 1456

Nadege Coulet
Venue: Györ
Phone: +36 20 771 1455

Goran Antevski
Venue: Varazdin, Zagreb
Phone: +385 95 40 32 104

Andrew McSteen
Venue: Osijek
Phone: +385 95 40 32 105


Group C: Croatia vs. Netherlands