Women's EHF EURO 2010

The 9th Women's EHF European Championship took place from 7 to 19 December to 14 December 2010 in Denmark and Norway.

In front of 12,500 ecstatic fans, Norway's women's national team was crowned EHF EURO champion for a fourth consecutive time after a 25:20 victory against Sweden.

The Norwegian team's performance from the preliminary round through to the final was strong, professional and simply better than the opponents' performance.

For Sweden, however, winning silver was the best result for the team in Women's EHF EURO history.

In an exciting bronze medal match Romania took a 16:15 win over Denmark, denying the host nation a spot on the podium.

There were 220,000 spectators present at the 47 games, watching the 250 players in action. TV audience figures broke records in Denmark and Norway: 2,000,000 people watched the main round encounter between Denmark and Russia, making it the most watched TV programme of the year in Denmark.

Final Ranking

1. Norway 5. France 9. Croatia 13. Germany
2. Sweden 6. Montenegro 10. Hungary 14. Serbia
3. Romania 7. Russia 11. Spain 15. Iceland
4. Denmark 8. Netherlands 12. Ukraine 16. Slovenia

All-Star Team

Goalkeeper Katrine Lunde Haraldsen (NOR)
Left wing Mie Augustesen (DEN)
Left back Cristina Neagu (ROU)
Centre back Gro Hammerseng (NOR)
Line player Heidi Loke (NOR)
Right back Nerea Pena (ROU)
Right wing Maibritt Kviesgaard (DEN)
Top scorer Cristina Neagu (ROU/53 goals)
MVP Linnea Torstensson (SWE)
Best defence player Johanna Wiberg (SWE)

Visit eurohandball.com for a full tournament summary including all results and the EHF's Activities website for the tournament's quantitative analysis


Group D: Montenegro vs. Serbia