Women's EHF EURO 1998

Following two successive final victories for the Danish women's national team, Norway eventually broke Denmark's dominance, beating their neighbours 24:16 at the third edition of the Women's EHF European Championship.

The tournament took place in the Netherlands from 11 to 20 December 1998.

That Norway would be a force to reckon with became already clear in the group phase when they became the first team to that date to take points away from Denmark at EHF EURO level when they beat them 28:19.

In the semi-final Norway held down Hungary 28:14, while Denmark took a never threatened 35:24 victory against Austria, the third ranked team from the 1996 championship. Hungary then had the upper hand in the match for third place, beating Austria 30:24 to take bronze.

Final Ranking

1. Norway 5. Poland 9. Russia
2. Denmark 6. Germany 10. Netherlands
3. Hungary 7. Ukraine 11. Romania
4. Austria 8. FYR Macedonia 12. Spain

All-Star Team

Goalkeeper Cecilie Leganger (NOR)
Left wing Sabina Soja (POL)
Left back Ausra Fridrikas (AUT)
Centre back Camilla Andersen (DEN)
Line player Tonje Kjaergaard (DEN)
Right back Kjersti Grini (NOR)
Right wing Janne Kolling (DEN)
Top scorer Ausra Fridrikas (AUT)

Visit eurohandball.com for a full tournament summary including all results and the EHF's Activities website for the tournament's quantitative analysis.


Group B: Norway vs. Romania