Women's EHF EURO 2004

Even though it was unknown at that date, the Women's EHF European Championship 2004 marked a six-year-long winning streak at European level for the Norwegian women's national team.

In a final that was attended by more than 10,000 spectators, Norway beat the defending champions from Denmark 27:25. Hosts Hungary won bronze after a 29:25 victory against Russia.

The Women's EHF EURO 2004 set a new spectator record with 124,800 people coming to the matches.

Final Ranking

1. Norway 5. Germany 9. Slovenia 13. Croatia
2. Denmark 6. Ukraine 10. Austria 14. Sweden
3. Hungary 7. Romania 11. France 15. Czech Republic
4. Russia 8. Spain 12. Serbia & Montenegro 16. Belarus

All-Star Team

Goalkeeper Karin Mortensen (DEN)
Left wing Olena Radchenko (UKR)
Left back Tanja Logvin (AUT)
Centre back Gro Hammerseng (NOR)
Line player Liudmila Bodnieva (RUS)
Right back Grit Jurack (GER)
Right wing Josephine Touray (DEN)
Top scorer Bojana Radulovics (HUN/72 goals)
Best player Gro Hammerseng (NOR)

Visit eurohandball.com for a full tournament summary including all results and the EHF's Activities website for the tournament's quantitative analysis.


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