Caught in the net's lighter look on what happened on 12 December at the Women's EHF EURO 2014 in Hungary and Croatia

Photo: Uros Hocevar

Our media teams at each of the four venues were looking for those stories that make us smile.

Superstitious Slovakia

The Slovakian women's national team, even including their Ukrainian-born player Tetyana Trehubova, is known for its enthusiastic singing of the national anthem. However, one player always does not sing it at all - Reka Bizikova. It is definitely not because she does not know it.

"I spoke to her and she knows the words, of course," reveals her teammate Katarina Dubajova. "But once she sang it and her team lost by 10 goals. Since then, she doesn't sing it." Superstitions, it seems, are going a long way in Slovakia.

Gullden playing hide & seek

After she had scored 10 goals against Germany a lot of journalists wanted to talk to Sweden's playmaker Isabelle Gullden. Everyone waited for her in the mixed zone while she already was waiting for the media at the press conference room. "I feel a bit alone", she said with a laugh while sitting all alone in front of a room with empty chairs. "For all I care, we could start."

Finally she switched places with Nathalie Hagman and went down in the mixed zone to answer all the questions. In the end, Sweden's biggest star spent more than 45 minutes talking to journalists.

The delectable repair man

As part of the media coverage for the Women's EHF EURO 2014, EHF journalists research using various news sources including those written in the many languages of the participating teams. As our journalists do not speak every language covered at the EURO, the use of Google translate is necessary. At times, this produces amusing results.

The name of Polish wing Kinga Grzyb for example, is automatically translated into King Mushroom. Perhaps the most amusing result so far however, concerns Russian coach Evgenii Trefilov, who was mentioned in a Polish article ahead of the match between these two sides on Thursday.

The article, according to Google translate, said that when off the court, Trefilov is a "delectable repair man". Who knew Trefilov had such an interesting side job.

written by EHF Media Team


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