Caught in the net

ehf-euro.com's lighter look on what happened on 17 December at the Women's EHF EURO 2014 in Hungary and Croatia

Photo: Uros Hocevar

Our media teams at the two main round venues were looking for those stories that make us smile.

Foxettes taught a lesson

The official mascot of the EHF EURO 2014, Foxette (or the two of them in Debrecen Fonix Arena), can usually be spotted courtside or in the crowd trying to get fans to dance with them. But on Wednesday, two young fans enjoying the match from the VIP couch were spotted during half-time trying to teach the Foxettes their surprisingly impressive dance moves, which for once, the Foxettes could not keep up with.

Kinga Byzdra's close up

As Poland prepared to take the court against Romania on Wednesday night, the team went in for their usual huddle. The cameraman was standing right behind Byzdra recording. She noticed him of course, and took the opportunity to put on a silly face then turn around for an extreme close up.

Ungureanu's finger glasses

Many players have unusual superstitions or pre-game rituals that help them perform their best. Romanian keeper Paula Claudia Ungureanu has perhaps one of the most complex.

As she steps on the court for a match to begin, Ungureanu can be seen doing a series of complicated moves that involve touching her head then shoulders then knees then toes, then repeating in the opposite direction, before finishing with making two circles with her fingers that she holds over her eyes like glasses for just a second.

She also puts on her finger glasses before facing a penalty shot. It may be strange, but it seems to work -- Ungureanu finished all three main round matches with percentages just below or above 50 per cent.

written by EHF Media Team


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