EHF Master Coach and Licensing Course concludes in Györ

The participants of the Open Master Coach and Licensing Course, including THW Kiel coach Alfred Gislason, received their qualifications as the course closed on Saturday

Photo: Uros Hocevar

The 2014 EHF RINCK Convention Open Master Coach and Licensing Course finished on Friday with the presentation of licences and diplomas to participants, and a closing speech from EHF President Jean Brihault.

Brihault congratulated participants for choosing to take part and further their handball education, highlighting the importance of such courses on the path to improving individual skills and the continued development of the sport.

Brihault said only through seeking education can coaches learn new methods of increasing their players' level of performance and integrate all factors that contribute to that performance.

"If you're here to seek education, it means that you're modest. And only if you have modesty can you reach the top level of coaches," said Brihault.

"I, as president of the European Handball Federation, insist very much that we on the political, the administrative side, are at the service of the game. You are the first level of the game. It is through you that the players get their education."

Three-time EHF Champions League winner (SC Magdeburg 2002; THW Kiel 2010 & 2012) Alfred Gislason was one of the highest profile participants in the 2014 edition of the course.

"Many times we meet each other only on the sideline of the court, so these master courses and other courses help you get to know your colleagues better.

"You get into discussions and sometimes it's important to realise there are other sides of the coin. Here you can see those also," said Gislason.

"I'll be working like this for my whole career as there are always aspects you can build into your own system, and new ideas. If you're not looking for new ideas all the time you're stagnating or going backwards, so this is an important part of my attitude to coaching," Gislason concluded.

The third and final module of the course, which began with the first module in Denmark in January and the second in Hungary in July, took place in Györ to coincide with the group phase of the Women's EHF EURO 2014.

written by Courtney Gahan / ts


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